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Ready for the Weekend

Wendy and JadeLast week I solicited comments from parents who have developed routines for enjoying their weekends. Many could relate to my feeling that weekends are generally more stressful, with little kids banging around the house with nothing to do, than the work week, when everyone has pre-set activities. One parent even told me offline that she’s pretty much guaranteed to have one or two migraines every single weekend. Interestingly, the parents who couldn’t relate were the ones with only one child….

I got some great ideas, and we tried a few last weekend, to wonderful result. Now I can finally say, along with the rest of the working world, “Thank God it’s Friday.” Especially since this week has been unusually stressful as Wendy and I juggled five assignments and three deadlines between us.

Enjoying the weekend, it turns out for us, boils down to just two things: Wendy and I each need to get time for ourselves (we found that a minimum of two hours at a time works best), and we need to have fun together as a family, preferably out of the house. Well, okay, let me add a third: Wendy and I need to get time alone together. Thanks, Anna, for reminding us of that.

On Saturday I got two blissful hours at our office watching a movie, practicing my juggling, and just hanging out. I came back to the house a new man. On Sunday, we all went out for brunch at a new restaurant in town (getting us all dressed and out of the house at a reasonable hour). Then we got our Christmas tree, came home to decorate it, and Wendy back out to get her two hours at the office. It all added up to a perfectly wonderful weekend. I’m actually looking forward to this weekend. For this weekend, Wendy lined us up a babysitter. Luckily, our office has a couch and window blinds….

Routines are key for me. If I have some idea of what’s going to happen when—what things to look forward to, and when I can count on any necessary unpleasant activities being over with —I can get a handle on just about anything that’s going on. I think this will also be a key for Wendy and me to successfully pull off our upcoming year of adventure. We’ll need to map out who’s going to do what, and when, so that we know for any given month who’s on a mission of discovery, and who’s acting as support back home.

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