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Valentine Eye Candy

Another Valentine’s Day has come and gone, strewing its sugar hearts and paper doilies, its cupids and faux red velvet.┬áLet it be known that the Party of 4 did its part to give the uber-cute holiday its due. Here are a few remembrances.

Michael’s gift to us: homemade chocolate-chip scones.

A breakfast date. (Psst – This is the secret to avoiding exorbitant prix-fixe Valentine dinner menus. Breakfast! Remember this for next year.)

Playdates for our girls, hyped up on sugar and Hallmark hype.

Real handmade cards made by real handmade people. Next year, when I can be sure that she won’t eat it, my toddler Jade will get one too. But for now I suppose we ought to put a lid on all this, shall we, lest we die of cuteness overload?

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6 Responses to “Valentine Eye Candy”

  1. gabriela says:

    LOVE this post! Love your images! True Love, Big Love. One Love.Right up my alley. And I dig the Valentine’s breakfast idea! THX!

  2. Britt Bravo says:

    The Valentine to Amelie is just precious.
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    • Wendy says:

      Thanks, Britt! Amelie and I had a wonderful time making Valentines together (although I made hers after she went to bed). We made them for her whole Kindergarten class, and what really struck me was when Amelie said she liked ALL of her classmates, all 15 of them, boys and girls alike, and wanted each one to have a special Valentine. Moments like that make me feel like everything is really okay with the world.

  3. Jeffrey says:

    Great images, Wendy. Thanks! Breakfast date – brilliant! Hillary made me a charming handmade card as she always does – and with her help Dahlia also made me one. No cuteness overload – just inspiration about how we each can live this one day and this one real relationship all the more fully.

    • Wendy says:

      So glad to give a little inspiration, Jeff. Living our days and our relationships more fully – now that is something I can get behind.

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