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Wrapping up a Year of Living for Our Dreams

Amelie on the Beach in Virgin Gorda, BVI IQ Option en ecuador

It’s been a year since we set out to live for our dreams. Our project has been to dare each other to do all those things we’ve always wanted to do but somehow couldn’t find the courage, the money, the time for. We gave each other and ourselves a year with the idea that we could probably do just about anything we set our minds to for a limited duration.

We started by plotting out a series of adventures, and pushed each other out the door to experience them. Wendy went to India. I started flying lessons. We made friends and made music. We clutterbusted, loved, meditated, traveled, played, and then the most amazing thing of all began to happen. We opened ourselves to new possibilities.

We found that by giving each other license to live more fully, starting in specific, well-defined ways, we set ourselves free in spirit as well as in body, opening ourselves to opportunities that we couldn’t have imagined in advance.┬áNo longer confined by our perceived limitations, we we began to feel a strong sense of abundance in our lives that wasn’t related to the size of our bank account. We began to live each day with a renewed sense of adventure, and increasingly to let go of plans to allow the unexpected to happen.

Our last great adventure of the year was to travel to the Caribbean as a family. We enjoyed bright sunshine and warm water for a December week completely┬ádisconnected from the Internet, with our computers left at home and our iPhones locked away. Without the distractions of work, school, household chores, and electronic media, we had the time and the space to reconnect with each other in beautiful surroundings, with lasting results. We’ll be back next year.

We’ll return to other adventures we began in 2011 as well. I’ll take another retreat, though likely not to meditate this time; next time I put my life on pause I want to finish a novel. Wendy will return to Asia, but this time I’ll come along. We’ll hit Singapore first, and then probably Bali. We’ll keep paring down the clutter in our lives, leaving only what’s important, which continues to be each other, our dreams, and the things that bring us and those around us joy. The space in our lives is there, and the opportunity, to live adventurously for the rest of our lives, thanks to our year of living for our dreams.

What will you do in 2012? Where will you go?

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4 Responses to “Wrapping up a Year of Living for Our Dreams”

  1. Sue Lipkins says:

    Sorry you guys, but a picture IS worth a thousand words! I read your blog entry first on my email, then went to your blog to see Amelie on the beach, which took my breath away. Wow! What a gorgeous, amazing photo and it made me want to go there, too.

    I’m proud of your whole family for doing what you set out to do this past year and doing it well – with grace and flexibility.

    Wishing you all a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year, along with more great adventures.

    Love, Sue

  2. Michael says:

    Thanks, Sue! Happy to New Year to you and yours as well.

  3. Julie says:

    “What will you do in 2012? Where will you go?”… good questions that I have no idea how to answer! Each year reveals more and more the mystery of being alive at this time on this earth… who am I ? What is my purpose? What am I “suppose” to be doing? At times it seems clear, but much of the time I feel mired in confusion…sigh. Maybe one day I will be able to answer those questions you have gotten closer to answering! Thanks for sharing your year, what seems to have passed in a blink!

    • Michael says:

      I’m with you there, Julie; still seeking. But something about seeking actively this past year has made me feel more alive and like I have more of a purpose. It has helped me to find happiness, more consistently than ever before. My intention now is to continue living more fully and more freely. In other words, seeking answers seems to be enough for me; finding answers is maybe not so important.

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