one family's yearlong dare to live their dreams

About Us

The Belfiore & Kagan family, Oct. 2009

Wendy Kagan and Michael Belfiore have big plans for 2011. Michael wants to learn to fly, Wendy is taking a journey to the birthplace of yoga—and that’s just our warm-up. We’re on a quest to expand what we think is possible, and perhaps to awaken parts of ourselves that we never knew existed.

We thought about all the things we’ve always wanted to do, the things we’ve wanted to learn and experience, all things we’d get to one day, if there was time/maybe when the kids got older/when we made more money/[fill in your excuse of choice]. And do them. Right now. No matter what.

We’re devoting the year to this project. And we’re taking our blog readers and kids along for the ride. We hope to spark some good conversations and maybe inspire others to also live life to its fullest, in spite of everything.

Obstacles? We’ve got ‘em. For starters, we don’t have a trust fund, and we’ll need some ingenuity to follow our bliss without going flat broke. But we do believe that our greatest asset, our most secure investment, is the love for we have for each other and our two beautiful daughters. There’s really no telling where that can take us.

So if you think your life circumstances limit you from living bigger, stay with us. We’ll show you how it’s done—or crash and burn trying.

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