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Life in the black

It’s a case of be careful what you wish for. In an earlier post I mentioned that we’d like to unplug for a while. Now look.

That’s what our house looks like inside at night. Yes, that’s an actual photo.

We’re five days since Hurricane Irene without power or water. I’m not complaining; other communities have it much worse.

Instead, we’re finding things to celebrate, like our neighbor’s brush-clearing bonfire. Last night I picked up some smoors fixings, Amelie got into her best party dress, and I took the kids over for a marshmallow roast. Then we told stories by the fire, with Amelie piping up most of all.

(Woodstockers lining up for dry ice at the community center.)

No way that would have happened if the TV and our computers still had power. Hopefully the beneficial effects of unplugging will last after power is restored.

Try it: turn out the lights. Start a fire or light a candle. Listen to what everyone has to say.

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